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Social Media and Planning Events

Social Media as a Planning Device

Social media has grown in popularity of the past decade.  The purposes of social media vary but one of them that has become increasingly popular has been using social media as a planning device.  Different things that are planned through social media include flash mobs, revolutions, and parties.

Flash Mobs

According to this website flash mobs are “groups of people who gather spontaneously in a public space and perform a coordinated dance or action” Bill Wasik, an editor at Harper’s magazine and the “inventor” of the flash mob, simply called his project, which he began in May 2003, “MOB.” (The term “flash mob” was coined after the fact, by a blogger.) Wasik e-mailed the instructions for the first meet-up from an anonymous account, sending it to what he calls a “fairly representative cross section of hipsters”

He said he did this because he was “seeing how all culture in New York was demonstrably commingled with scenesterism … it should theoretically be possible to create an art project consisting of pure scene — meaning the scene would be the entire point of the work, and indeed would itself constitute the work.”

Now flash mobs have gone from being created on email to being created through social media messaging.  WikiHow gives 17 steps on how to plan a flash mob.  Step 4 is about organizing your flash mob.  It says to use things like Facebook and Twitter.  It says to do this because it helps to bring more of a variety of people to your flash mob because it will bring in people who are searching for one.  There is a page on Facebook that is a collection of flash mob posts to bring in more participants.

Political Events

Flash mobs are not the only group things that are planned through social media.  Egypt recently planned entire protests on Facebook.

An article said “Using social media, Egyptians have previously organized, protested and communicated with each other and the outside world. And now the nation’s leaders are getting in on the act to issue their decrees.”

Egypt planned their protests through social media and used that as a way to bring as many people together as possible “According to a study by Northwestern University on social networking, of those who use social media in eight Arab countries, including Egypt, 94% are on Facebook.”

Another article talks about how President Obama greatly utilized social media for his campaign as well.  Social media allows people who would have never had to the chance to be able to speak out about their opinions and make a difference in their society.  Social media has allowed a whole new way to participate in important political events.


Social media is also used to plan normal events such as parties or school events.  People often create events on Facebook to let all of their friends know the details of the event.  People use this more than the more conventional way of sending out party invitations in the mail.  Social media has changed the way people interact with each other and will continue to do so in coming years.









2 thoughts on “Social Media and Planning Events

  1. I continuously enjoy how you break up your posts and comment on different ideas. Flash mobs and political events are clearly different, but you show how social media can help them both. Using social media as a planning tool is something almost anyone can do and its availability is amazing.

  2. Jessica, awesome blog and I liked watching your video. It is always fun to see different flash mobs. I enjoyed your section about planning because we have talked a lot about that in class. There is so much planning that happens on social media sites. I am always getting invitations to certain events on Facebook. Most of them are school events and it is a great way for organizations to promote them.

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